Thursday, 29 November 2012

The One Reloaded v3.3.0

Another update for my 808 Custom Firmware, exactly one week after my phone came back from repair ;)
Edit: wrote parts of the release notes earlier this week, was planning on a friday release.
It is actually 6 days after I got my 808 back :)

Here are a few information about my latest release...


fixed bugs
There was a bug in the Bluetooth connection.It should now be fixed (if you still experience any problems, please report it!).
I know I said that about v3.2.2 too, but back then I had no device to test it...
Turns out the problem was not the akncapserver mod by iExtraX7, but the sysap mod by iChris701.

I got a fix for this problem by iChris701 this week, thanks a lot to him!

Another bug fix in this release is related to the UDA.
The problem here was, that the MS Office Apps available via SW Update by Nokia, is not a full installer and is missing some components.

My default UDA and the UDA without maps were both updated. They now contain all components to run MS Office Apps.

akncapserver mod
This mod by iExtraX7 is now back, it was removed, because according to my information from DM it was responsible for the bluetooth issues...
It is now back, since we fixed the bt problems via sysap!

messaging mods
OFW shows the time stamp of the MMS arrival on your device, it is now supposed to show the date when the message was actually sent!

If you keep writing a SMS, it will be automatically converted into an MMS (after about ~10 SMS).
That value is now increased (~30 SMS)!
Thanks to freaxs_r_us & nicesoni_ash for instructions about this mod ;)


Do not use the translations from previous versions, they are not fully compatible.
There are quite a few files that needs to be translated, so lets give freaxs_r_us some time to do this work ;)

The files will be published on our Blog, when they are ready.


Some of the mods require you to flash via refurbish, so I strongly recommend to flash that way to get all features of v3.3.0.


  1. Any way to get joikuspot or someother type of hotspot for the USA users... PLEASE HELP

    1. not sure, i read something about that... will see what i can find about it

    2. i probably found something about this.
      obviously i can not test it from my location...

      if you are willing to test it for me, you send me an email and i give you some instructions.

      (any other american users are welcome as testers too ;))

    3. that would be awesome, i sent you an email

  2. font zoomer not working why?

    1. is font zoomer fp2 compatible, does it work on ofw/other fp2 cfw's?

  3. yeah font zoomer is working on your prev.cfw

    1. what previous firmware, v3.2.x?

      can you give me details about your problem, what exactly is not working?

  4. font doesn't changed after restart. Im using font zoomer 3.3.1. Yeah font zoomer is working on cfw 3.2.

    1. thanks for the report.

      font zoomer is probably incompatible with the new components in the uda...
      the new components are necessary to run ms office apps.

      if you can live without ms office, you could try flashing v3.3.1 but with the UDA from v3.2

      would be interesting to hear about the results.