Sunday, 18 November 2012

ScrollControl 1.0

Probably sounds cooler than it is :p

I created a small installer, that lets you change the scrolling speed in the Symbian menu and (non-Qt) applications.

Download the installer "ScrollCrontrol 1.0.sis" from my tools section.

During the installtion you can choose between default scrolling speed or the improved and significantly faster settings by Ancelad.
Full credit for the "improved KS" goes to him ;)

To change the settings, you do not have to uninstall the mod. Just reinstall and restart your device.

FYI, the improved KS is already part of my CFW, this is mainly for users who prefer the slower default Belle values.
But it can also be used by people who are using different CFW's or hacked OFW.

Thanks to Shapal00 from Daily Mobile Forum for testing.


  1. where is the tool section??

    1. downloads -> tools

      or if you have installed the CFWm you'll find it in c:/_tools