Saturday, 10 November 2012

I already miss my 808 :(

Deleted all personal Data, flashed back to OFW, package is ready for delivery... my 808 will be sent away tomorrow morning.

Today I was screwing around with the iPhone 4 and the 808 and made those two pictures...

To be fair, the iPhone 4 (not 4S) was released a few months before the Nokia N8... so it's not "the new kid on the block".
And none of the iPhones were meant to be camera phones. So a "iPhone 4 vs Nokia 808" camera comparsion is really unfair!

I am not trying to make the iPhone look bad, just saying I will truly miss my 808 for the next two-three weeks.

Since I don't expect the problem is going to be fixed, I assume that I will have to send it in again and again... therfore I doubt, that I will see my phone again anytime soon.
(After three times at Nokia Care, you can get a replacement ;))

Nokia 808 PureView
iPhone 4

Damn... I hope to get my 808 back soon :(

Not that it really matters, looking at the results.
But for those who care, both shots were made in 5MP (808 = macro mode, iPhone = does not offer any settings).
While the 808 picture was my first try (and I didn't try too hard), the iPhone-pic is the best out of three...


  1. lol Iphone wins.

    Tell me theOne, new models of 808 have the same problem like yours?

    1. may I ask why you linked my pictures here?
      do you like them or what? :)

      i don't know if a new 808 will be a solution, i don't even know if it really affects all devices...
      all i know is, there are too many reports about this to be just a coincidence.

      nokia doesn't feel like sharing about this issue. nobody seems to know the details :(

    2. Some users said the problem is fixed after FP2 .1507, at least one of them said he sent his 808 to care center, they flashed, and the problem dissapeared. I read almost all the thread x)
      Hope your problem fixes.


    3. Good,I hope my future 808 will not have this problem. thx for the good news Antonio.

    4. @antonio
      i tested all firmware version since fp1 (.309). none of them fixed the problem for me...

    5. Ill wait 6 or 8 or 12 months before buy my 808,when all the old models are sold :( is perhaps by.

    6. Sad to hear that @the_one, Me and 4 friends have the 808 and we can't reproduce the bug. We are able to use 3 and 3.5G, all day.
      So, I guess it's not a generalized problem.
      Maybe the network bands or there are bad lots? We live at México.

      Whatever, hope you have good news soon, because you deserve it for your great work.


    7. thanks for the info

      like i said, i don't have any details about this bug.
      i just know i can reproduce it in less than a minute...
      freaxs_r_us also has this bug, aswell as some other users i know from daily mobile.
      (not to mention the people who posted in the nokia forum topic on a 17 pages long topic)

      i tested with three different sim cards, from different providers (all of them are working in other devices). always the same issue...

      i doubt that i will get it fixed the first time, but after sending it in to nokia care, i am in a better position to talk to nokia... because even after 6 months after this problem was reported first, their support is still a dead end for customers like me.

    8. WOW!!!! thats to Sad it has to be BAD LOTS of the 808, because mine has no problem with 3 or 3.5G Data, im from Mexico too. Hope this gets fixed for all user of the mighty 808, i did send mine back to customer service and got a new one but my BUG was with the TOUCH a small region of the Touch didnt work.

  2. Im Juanvi83 of

  3. I linked yours flickrs photos becouse are beutiful :), incredible the pureview technology theOne, and of course,all job does the photographer. Next year I will buy my 808,but for now the N8 its excellent for my use and camara.

  4. Hello friends, I am in Spain and I have no problem with 3G or 3.5G data, so I guess that's just a problem of some terminals and sure nokia will solve it, Mr theone, cheer, sure in no time has a 808 running at 100 x 100