Monday, 5 November 2012

The One 808 v3.2.1 Translations

All Languages for "The One Reloaded v3.2.1" by freaxs_r_us!


1. Just get the download from TheOne as always
2. get the translated files from me in your language
3. exchange the files you got from me with the original ones (rofs2 & uda)


- all needed translation files
- if TTS (text to speech) is available for your language, then it is included
- all translated Rofs2 have English & your language
    (so if you need to follow English tutorials, then you know where to go)
- all writing and keyboard files
- all dialer files
- all chinese keyboard files tested and working

- added screensaverplugins in all languages
- fixed message reader bug
- updated ecom.spi
- added other language files

Known "Bugs"

- Third party Applications, for example: ROM patcher+, are not translated
- after including chinese to the firmware the Font size is messed up when in a non-chinese language


•   02 french - Français
•   03 german - auf deutsch
•   04 spanish - espanól
•   05 italian - italiano
•   06 swedish - på svenska

•   07 danish - på dansk
•   08 norwegian - i norske
•   09 finnish - Suomeksi
•   10 american english
•   13 portugese - português

•   14 turkish - Türkçe olarak
•   15 icelandic - á íslensku
•   16 russian - на русском языке
•   17 hungarian - magyar
•   18 dutch - in het Nederlands

•   25 czech - na český
•   26 slowak - na slovenskom
•   27 polish - w języku polskim
•   28 slovenian - v slovenskih
•   29 taiwan chinese
•   30 hong kong chinese

•   31 chinese - 在中國 - 在中国
•   33 thai - ในภาษาไทย
•   37 arabic - باللغة العربية
•   39 tagalog - sa tagalog
•   42 bulgarian - на български
•   44 catalaan

•   45 croatian - na hrvatskom jeziku
•   49 estonian - Eesti
•   50 farsi / persian - به زبان فارسی
•   54 greek - στην ελληνική γλώσσα

•   67 latvian - latviešu valodā
•   68 lithuanian - iš Lietuvos
•   76 brazilian portugese - em Português do Brasil
•   78 romanian - în limba română
•   79 serbian - na srpskom

•   83 latin american spanish -  latinoamericanos español
•   93 ukrainian - українською мовою
•   94 urdu - اردو میں
•   96 vietnamese - bằng tiếng Viet
•   326 malaysian - di Malaysia

•   327 indonesian - di Indonesia

More Information

- More than one extra language sets --> ONLY on request

- other rarely used languages, such as galician, catalan, basque, canadian french, chinglish & taiwan english --> ONLY on request

==> request via comment


  1. Thanks friend,downloaded the Spanish and running at 100 x 100

  2. also thx to u!! Will install the german version today. :)

  3. Links are down... fixing and re-uploading now

  4. Links are back up....
    this time all of them

    - fixed the screensaver issue

  5. Good afternoon, watch a small bug in the sms reader, the heading reads in Spanish but sms text reads in English, use the translation files 04

    1. just checked the file... it is correct...
      try to change your reader languge in settings to spanish...
      it can not detect the language by itself...
      but that's just the way it is

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thanks friend, problem with sms reader is resolved

  8. Hello,
    There is a problem with spanish keyboard (FP1and FP2) (In original firmware).
    There are three keys leftover: "´", "¨" and "ç".
    These keys are not needed because first two can be also accessed long pressing the required vocal to accent, i.e. a -> á. "ç" can be obtained long pressing "c".

    These extra keys make the spanish keyboard to have 11 keys in each row, instead 10 in english keyboard. This issue makes the keys too small (narrow).

    How can these keys be eliminated from the spanish languaje files?

    Please if you know how, is it possible to change it from original firmware and also from The One CFW?

    Also I have an idea for changing between querty keboard and hexadecimal one:
    If I configure two languajes from "settings/ phone/ languaje/ writing languaje," beeing one of them "querty" and the other "hexadecimal", when typing I can change between hexadecimal and querty with only a button press. The only issue is that I am changing the languaje too.
    If there were possible to duplicate one languaje in the languaje list, I could, i.e. put as my languajes spanish in qwerty and spanish in hexadecimal, and then change while typing with only a key press.
    I think it is a needed feature, because now is too difficult to change from querty to hexadecimal (you must go to "settings/ phone/ languaje/ writing languaje7 your languaje" and change from querty to hexadecimal: its a pain.
    I think (please correct me if wrong) if the languaje is duplicated with different names, i.e spanish and spanish2, the symbian could "think" there are different languajes and then we could change easily between 9 keys to qwerty keyboards
    The only "problem" could be the words automaticaly added when typing to one languaje not being added to the other, but I think it is not realy a problem, we could name one languaje i.e. spanish ant the other one spanish hexa, and then use allways spanish in querty keyboard an spanish hexa in 9 keys keyboard...

    Thank you very much!