Thursday, 8 November 2012

I am now a iPhone user!

Yeah yeah, shame on me! :p

Here is what happened...

If you are a Nokia 808 User, you probably know about the 3.5G bug.
(The phone crashes or restarts when using 3G (with HSPA enabled) data connections)

If you don't know this bug, you can read more about it here in the Nokia Forum:
Bug in 808 3G mobile data - Nokia Forum
17 pages  of pissed off Symbian users, waiting 6 months for a solution of this serious problem!

If you are a Symbian user and you have Nokia Account (same one as for the Nokias Store), you can log-in to their forum.
So don't forget to tell Nokia that we are not happy with the way they are treating us!!

I heard, that the Care Centers finally know how to fix this. It seems to be a mechanical problem and the phone needs to be sent in.
So that's what I am going to do, my phone is ready for repair and will be sent aways for the upcoming weeks...

Until I get it back, I will use an old iPhone 4 (not 4S) my sister gave me.

You may ask why I am posting this... there are several reasons:
-if you also have this problem, it could become interesting to see if Nokia can really fix this or if sending in your device is just a waste of time

-if you still think about buying the 808, it may be nice to know that there is a serious problem on many of the devices

and most important (for visitors of this Blog)
v3.2.1 is new and up to date.
So it should not be a problem, that I can not work on it in the upcoming weeks.
But you should know, that my support will be reduced, because I can not test things myself!

Until I get my 808 back, it may be better to report your problems here via comment or in the daily mobile forum, instead of sending me a private email... more users will see it and your chance to get a solution is better than asking somebody who does not have a 808 himself ;)


  1. there is a NSC not far from me,... I will see what I can figure out...
    maybe I can trick the guys to giving me some info

    p.s. all ok... but iPhone ... I don't even want to be buried with an iPhone ;)

    1. at least i was able to bypass itunes... i walk around without a phone, before i install the windows version of itunes!!

      thank you MS Exchange ActiveSync & SkyDrive!!

  2. Nokia announced in that thread on their Discussions forum that 808s exhibiting the symptoms of the connectivety problem should be taken to a Nokia Care point.

    1. do you have a link ? It would be great if we could get our hands on the repair article number in KICS. Because I talked to three different guys from Nokia Services chat, but they all couldn't find it

    2. yeah, they also announced a software fix is in testing...
      shame none of the nokia care centers have heard of this problem.

      i guess i keep sending it back to them, until i get a replacement :S


    thank god I still have it and don't have to use a damn iPhone.

    sent my 808 in for repairs

    1. making fun of the iphone... we iphone users know that you are just jealous!! :p

    2. I sent my phone in yesterday and got the data from At the end it said that the duration of repair is 5 days including sending it back

    3. 5 days sounds almost too good to be true.
      mine was gone 15 days (including weekends)... but maybe you are lucky ;)