Friday, 23 November 2012

My Nokia 808 is back!!

Feels good to be back on the Nokia 808!

My repaired 808 was delivered today :)

If you missed why my 808 was in repair, read this post:
I am now iPhone user (aka 5 words you hopefully will never read again on my blog)
My problem was described in there ;)

I was able to reproduce the 3G bug in 30sec - 2min before the repair, by going downstairs where 3G signal was only about 50%.

At the same location, I tested it again today and guess what... so far, no problem at all!!
(I downloaded about 20MB without any crashes)

What was fixed

The delivery note reveals some interesting facts. Sadly there is not too much technical detail on it and the description may be different from what your Care Center will write down (non standard form).
  • Swap 808 PureView GLOBAL LIGHT
    Serial Number: xxx
  • CAMERA MOD Galileo Master
  • Modul switch
First of all, I recognise the scratches at the chromed camera bump, which means I definitely got the same phone back, no replacement!

The last entry "module switch" probably only refers to the first part (swap 808...), which means nothing more than they switched my main board.
I know that for sure, because I got a new IMEI.

While the "camera mod" is more interesting.
I never mentioned any camera issues to them and as you can see on my flickr-page, my camera was fine.
Maybe newer 808's got a silent camera fix?
Or did they just break my cam by accident and then had to repair it?
Really don't know, also"Galileo Master" says nothing to me... I will call them and ask about it next week (hotline is already closed for this weekend).

Whats interesting as well, is the signal strength itself.
I mentioned the location where I had about 50% coverage, in the same spot, I now have almost full signal!
Only speaking for my experience today, the connection got faster and way more stable (not counting the crashes itself).

I guess that proves that something was seriously wrong with my phone...

We will see how long it lasts, but so far its all good now.
I let you guys know if any problems come up or if I get any details about the repair itself.

I am really glad Nokia was finally able to repair this critical bug and I hope this posts helps some people with similar issues.


  1. btw. for those of you who are waiting for news about my cfw...

    i will stay on ofw for a couple of days, just in case i have to send in my phone again.

    my phone is now on belle fp2 .1506, thats the latest ofw for my product code.
    just to make sure i don't run into any problems with my warranty, i don't want to update to .1507 (my cfw) right now...

  2. Congratulations bro, good to know you have your phone at 100%, well except for the signal strenght.

    1. i think you got it wrong (maybe i wrote it badly).
      i meant to say, signal strenght and quality has improved since the repair... it is way better now!

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    3. Hahaha, yeah, I understand wrong, (I guess, I read too fast) You have now almost full, when you had 50%. Good to know buddy.

  3. awesome.... I guess its time to send mine in, too ;)

    just gotta wait for my friend to give me back my N8 that I borrowed him, so I have a replacement for the time
    (and don't have to use a iPhone...hahaha)

    thanks for the review

    1. yeah... i'm gonna miss my iphone

      the signal dropped two bars when you touched it.

      or those moments when you are bitching about "stupid people, with their stupid mailboxes", 'till you realise its an actual person at the other end of the line...
      gotta love the way the iphone speaker makes everyone sound like a robot :p
      (that actually happend once, i thought it was a recording)

      and never forget moments like "where's that street coming from, thats not on apple maps?"
      or when apple maps thought i live in the forest... good times :)

      i should write a few words about my "ios experience" ;)

    2. @ freaxs_r_us
      its marwallace (mybe you remember, but anyways...)
      have you already sent in your 808 for repair? if yes to wich NCC? do they already "know what they do" on this problem?

  4. Maybe Nokia Care Center fix "CAMERA MOD" for the reason below?

    Review: Nokia 808 PureView
    Interestingly, in all of the images, noise is noticeably more intense in the right half of the images than it is elsewhere in the scene.

    What's happening to the Nokia 808 Pureview @ ISO 1600?

    Noise Gradient (Right to Middle of a picture) visible at ISO 800 and 1600.

    808 Pureview Bug: High ISO purple tint on image

    1. interesting idea, i am aware of issues like that...
      but to be honest, i never had such major problems with my cam. seemed to be fine to me.

      my guess is, they had no idea how to fix the 3g bug and just replaced all internal components.

      according to latest news about this issue, they just need to replace a capacitor... while my phone came back with a new mainboard :p

    2. if you take pictures in low light mostly in dimly lit rooms is ther a purple kinda tint on the side side of the image? before or after repair?

    3. no, my camera looks fine to me.

  5. Hi theOne, congratulation for yours phone back. I found and interesting pago of Camera Galileo MOD,seems to be a new camera i dont know. See this page


    1. thanks for the link, found a similar shop via goolge myself... as mentioned above:

      my guess is, they had no idea how to fix the 3g bug and just replaced all internal components :)

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    1. vodoo lottery?!?
      wow, spam is getting more and more ridiculous... i usually delete that crap, but this is kinda funny :p

  7. I have the same problem.Can you identify the problem more specifically? Is it the capacitor? I live in the Middle East so I will face many problems with Nokia Care Point?? (something relevant with Third World lol
    thank you

  8. The One could You tell me is there purple tint in photos with new camera mod (HW) while taking photos at hight ISO (800,1600) , I found this on my 808 and it's annoying. I would like to sent mine to Nokia Care but I am aware the they will not fix it, and will tell me that it's normal behaviour at 1600, 800 ISO.

    1. well i called the care center and it turns out that
      CAMERA MOD Galileo Master
      just means they replaced my camera modul (galileo master seems to be the code name of the 808 camera modul).

      so i got a new camera, but it is the same one as before...

      about your issue.
      this picture was taken by myself at iso 800:

      looks good to me.

      can you give me an example of a scene where you got issues?

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