Friday, 23 November 2012

Daily Diary Update

Sorry for the delays on the translations and the fixes and all

But I have been very VERY busy

I had REALLY big problems with the guy that sold me my new router on Ebay...
finally I got my money back, because he sold me the wrong one, but in the right box.

so I had to get another one from Ebay, as he didn't have the actual one I wanted
so I bought another one, same Typ as the one I need, but afterwards I found out that the boxes were restricted to other providers and no chance of flashing the router with the right firmware or just using it as a router after my modem, instead of a all-in-one device...
So I'm sending this one back, too.

So I had to bite the bullet, in terms of a "cheaper way" of getting what I want, and now I ordered the router from my provider directly, which is 30€ for changing the system and 5 € a month for "forever" ...DAMN
But I guess its worth it, since I already invested money in a wlan card that can receive 2,4 ghz and 5ghz frequenzy wlan's
which will get me over 300mb's/s when everything is set up ;)


  1. cheap out on the router... nice try :p
    blame the guy who sold it... classy ;)

    just kidding of course, hope you get your router soon!
    will be good to see you back online on full capacity.

  2. I know you were just joking, but just to explain:
    the first guy didn't send me the router for 3 weeks after the auction
    he never answered any of my emails
    finally I found out his private telephone number because he used his real name in his email account, which he used for paypal, too
    and there were only two people in that city with that last name,
    so I called him up and bitched at him to send me the he finally did
    a half a week later it arrived... I was all happy about it and plugged it in, and looked for the wlan name, which should have been Fritzbox 6360, but I was only getting 10 other wlans, one was Fritzbox 7270,
    so after a while I turned the device around and looked at the Typ... and yep, for sure, it was a 7270, that came in a 6360 box

    So I wrote him a email again saying what had happened... no reply,
    so I called him up and said that the deal sucked, because he sold me the wrong thing... he said he didn't know that and he was sorry
    He obliged to send me my money back + the fee for p&p, which never came back...
    two weeks later I told him if he didn't give me my money back by wednesday, then I would go to the cops and complain formally for internet fraud... no reply
    so FINALLY I got my money back over Ebay and Paypal... but still no reply

    the last email I got from Ebay was: here is your money... "you must not do anything anymore" --> literally I decided to keep the 7270 until I get the money for p&p from somewhere... if not, then its mine, until my ordered router arrives

    ... ;) so the classy thing is, that I didn't mock the guy to smithereens and sell his adress on a commercial basis ;)

    1. that really sucks!
      people like that guy are the reason why i am not much of a fan of platforms like ebay.

      at least you got your money back without too much trouble...

  3. i order on ebay 2 ATI Radeon 5870 for 300 bucks,the next week arrive to my country,lets see how comes :S. Last order was a N8 orange color and very disapointing, no HDMI cable,no USB on the GO,a old charger from a other Nokia phone (a BIG OLD CHARGER),a imitation USB cable no original :(,1 manual and a hit box,all for 286 bucks.