Monday, 19 November 2012

Working on translations to the sysap's and the phoneui's

Been working on the translations of those files...

it completes:

- modded / deleted popups and strings

- extra symbols in Power Button Menu

...i was waiting on a easier way to do it, but since it is lasting so long I decided to start doing it by hand

the sysap needs: 40 strings x  40 languages = 1600x Click, copy, click, paste, confirm = 8000 steps

so if anybody wants to help out with his language, that would be great...
I would referr to you as the translator on the release pages

(one set has only 40strings...)

...Of course I will provide a tutorial or show you per Teamviewer if you want to help out

just found a tutorial... maybe I can do it an easier way...
I will translate the sysap by hand..., since I am almost finished

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