Saturday, 3 March 2012

The One Camera Mod 3.0

I updated my camera mod to version 3.0.

It is basically the same mod, but it now has one new mode...

If you select "The One High Compression"

You will get the following camera settings:

 -camera-mods (photo)
  -available resolutions modded:
    -12MP (4:3) 99%
    -9MP (16:9) 100%
    -6MP (16:9) 100% (replacing 3MP mode)
    -5MP (4:3) 100% (replacing 1.3MP mode)
  -extended zoom
-camrea-mods (video)
  -modded video recording settings (720p) to 30fps
  -256kbps Audio in 720p Video

For more details check this (updated) post:
The One Camera Mod

(the settings "The One Original" with 95% compression will stay default for my cfw's)

updated again to v3.0.1, I renamed the new mode from "The One High Compression" to "The One Ultra High".
since the settings 99/100% is the complete opposite of "high compression" the name made no sense.
also a little bug, where the compression for the 5mp in the new mode was only 85%, is now fixed.
(sorry about that)


  1. Don't you mean "low compression"?

    Good to know 95% stays the default, anything more is overkill.

  2. haha, good going make me feel stupid;)
    i guess i mixed it up with "high quality":(

    i think its also named like this in the mod itself... damned!

    Thanks for the hint, i will correct that later