Monday, 19 March 2012

Donation Information

I made changes to the already published post, labeled by "Donations".

In earlier post, I published the first names and their donated amouts.
That was because I wanted to be open and honest about this.

But while preparing the next "thank you post" I though about this and decided that I don't want to publish the amount anymore.

I appreciate every amount, every donation is worth the same to me!

I don't take if for granted that you are willing to give me some of your hard earned money, for something I offer for free.
So out of respect, I don't want to show the exact amount someone gave me, it is not a competition.

I hope you understand and agree with me in this matter...

Thanks again to everyone who supported me and also thanks to those who are still not published yet;)

The next post about donations will contain the names of my donors from the last few weeks, I will publish it, as soon as I am done with my next CFW.

By the way, I used my previous donations to renew my Rapidshare Pro account, so my files can stay online:)

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