Saturday, 17 March 2012


my plans for the upcoming week...

next version will be a small update...
it will contain: fixed qt-bug (store and other qt-apps crash when using dropdown bar, after you install the latest beta maps), gallery widget (maybe more widgets if i find some usefull ones), some small system updates integrated

donation status
I received new donations in the last two weeks, I will publish a "thank you" note here, as soon as I am done with the next version
(so the "thanks post" can stay a little bit longer on top;))

A short story about the Alienware/Dell Support.
I had an issue with my Alienware M11xR2 Notebook and now I am really pissed off at their support!
It has nothing to do about the Nokia N8 or Symbian, but I feel like writing about their cruel policy...
Maybe someone finds it interessting, how they treat their customers.


  1. I can give you a suggestion for The One 4.2.0?

    2 widgets to the calendar and mail, instead of 1 for each.

    And that is allowed to change the appearance of all widgets as the type to activate the 3G can not be changed nor transparent to RSS widgets, or change the large analog clock

    1. thanks for your suggestion!
      there are already two different sized calendar widgets.
      as far as i know the small email widget is sometimes buggy, so it wont be in my cfw...

      different widgets can be installed, as long as they are provided as "full" widgets.
      only chaning the mifs on c wont work because the widgets are in z