Monday, 5 March 2012


v4.0.6 is now available for download.

this version is still comming with the same (almost original) uda we had in v4.0.5.

so the preinstalled stuff is still there...

but core and rofs2 are now final (except for a few apps that will be moved from uda)...
so let me know if you find any bugs in this version!
according to my own test, v4.0.6 is stable, fast and bugfree...

please report about the battery life in this version!
since we had more than 4 days in standby for version 3.1.0, i would like to know how this version behaves


  1. Did you use Necy core for your 4.0.6?

    1. no, i don't see any reason why i shouldn't do my own core;)
      is there a reason why i should go for Necy's core?

    2. No I don't think you should go for that. I am using his core right now and want to try yours then.

    3. alright then,
      be aware that i did lots of modifications in my core, also rearranged many files from core/rofs2!

      so you should use my core only together with my rofs2!

  2. hey the one. nokia beta labs released an official weather widget for the nokia n8. is ist possible to integrate it in to your cfw. maybe it works without wifi connection.
    by the way,great work thx:-)

    1. i didn't include the weather widget yet, because i am not sure what nokia maps version will be included in the final version...
      i also don't know yet, if the widgets are working from rofs2, so they will probably go into uda (which is not modded yet)

      i will start a poll about that later.

  3. hello my friend

    already have the translation into Portuguese of Brazil?

  4. Hi the one,

    big thanks for your great work!
    Is it possible to increase the FM-Transmitters range to start at 87,5 MHz? Many car radios start listen at this range but almost no stations are broadcasting there.

    Best regards

    1. Hi, you need to correct the name of rofs3 it is red in Phoenix.

    2. hi simonx
      i don't think this is possible. these settings can't be changed without source files. so it seems like the lowest frequenty you are allowed to set is 88,1 MHz...

      btw. the "Play via Radio" widget can save differnt settings for the fm-transmitter.
      if you hit the frequency on the widget, it shows a list of all previously used settings and you can easily switch between them...

      @rofs3 file
      thanks, i already saw it...
      will be renamed in next version, since its just a "dummy" file, there is no reason to reupload the whole package;)
      (this new rofs3 is empty and just there to make flashing easier (i will write a new "how to" about that))

  5. hi there. thank you for your hard work. can i still use rofs3 for writing languages posted in download section? thank you

    1. hi vitaly
      of course you can!
      just replace the rofs3 in the phoenix settings