Saturday, 10 March 2012

Poll Results (Maps)

Thanks for voting everyone!

~50% of you voted for the latest Map Suite from Nokia Beta Labs. So I will create v4.1.0 with that version preinstalled!

Since the other half decided they prefer "no maps" of the latest final "3.08" I will try to make them happy too...

There will also be a english version without maps preinstalled.

(remember full tranlsations always comes without maps, so you can install maps in your language)

v4.1.0 is almost ready!
I finished my tests and everything looks fine. Battery life is also very good, according to Battery Monitor I still have ~60% after 2 days and 20 hours (mostly 2G, but wlan on)).

Now I have to update/write the description, changelogs, and the new "how to flash", repack some of the removed apps into sis-installers and of course prepare the files for nekeule...

I think I can release v4.1.0 (at least the english version) this weekend.


  1. I will be waiting for 4.1.0.
    Interesting regarding the battery time. The official belle battery life is extremely short, about 1 day.

    You mentioned in the past that the language rofos3 files (additional language, no translation) will be valid. Is it so with 4.1.0?


    1. yes, the rofs3 should still be compatible!
      (also notet in the new "how to flash")

      of course i cannot test every rofs3, but i can confirm at least the german version, so most others should be fine too...

  2. You are our God ;)
    Thanks for all the work you are doing for us ^^
    Waiting for the 4.1.0+full translations impatiently ;)


  3. Hi the One will the Nokia Maps preinstalled version have less ram since it's have Nokia Maps preinstalled on it?

    Thanks in advanced.

    1. probably a little bit, since maps puts some files into startup...

  4. I am waiting for the one without Maps as those I can install on my own too anytime.

    Also, looking forward to default alarm and other tones, if not ringtones.