Saturday, 3 March 2012


I just released my first (internal) version, based on the latest final version of Nokia Belle.

You will find all informations about this version in the internal changelog...

I will create an own UDA for my next final version, since this is not ready yet, v4.0.5 comes with the almost original UDA (C:\ drive). I just removed the wallpapers and some language files to get a little bit more free space on c:\.

So many preinstalled apps are still there and there are no mods or new widgets included in the UDA yet.
Free space on c:\ is only about 165 MB.

Give it a try if you want to help me testing;)

I also updated the Downloads and Tools section of my blog...

Edit 2:
the integrated camera mod is not working properly (wrong default resolution settings)
will be fixed in next version


  1. I am using your CFW 3.1 from leaked Belle firmware and I have to say, it is the most satisfying release out there. No extra customization cos default is there made by Nokia for some reason only.

    I am looking forward to your 4.1 release with official Belle files to install on my N8.

    One request, can you leave the default alarm, SMS, Email tones etc as they are and just remove the ringtones? Most of the time people use their own ringtone but leave other default tones just like that.

    1. hi gxsaurav
      i always leave the default alarm/sms/email tones in there...
      only the additional ringtones are removed (gives me about 7-9mb more free space in rofs2 for my mods).

      thanks for you input

  2. Theone, hi buddy, i put 4.05 on today and i have to say all looks smooth so far. The reader and drop are working sweet as a nut now. I noticed lots of pre-installed stuff still there, be glad when its all gone like ovi whats hot, why cant nokia let us remove them. Are you able to remove the E entertainment, nat geographic,cnn and the paramount trailers apps ? Good stuff so far, missing the superfast scrolling at the minute but im sure you'll sort it. Good work.

    1. The one
      and rofs3 not find it.

    2. rofs3 is not needed for english only...
      remove it from the list (or if you need another keyboard language, replace it by one of the rof3 files from the download section)
      a detailed description about it is found in the flashing tutorial...

    3. hi Rockinross
      the preinstalled apps will be gone, as soon as my own (final) uda is ready...
      also some mods (like ks scrolling and new widgets) will be in there.

      thanks for your report!

  3. Would it be possible to get Uda also without widgets?
    And by the way, thanks for the new CFW!

    1. hi MK99
      why would you want a uda without widgets?
      i found a way to include all new widgets in rofs2, so next version will have them integrated in z:\

      if you have a good explanation, why the new widgets should be exluded, i can think about it...

    2. Of course, in the case if you put them to rofs, it doesnt matter if the widgets are included.
      I thought it would be good if Uda would be as empty of those widgets, which I do not use. But on the other hand it doesnt take much space at all.

      How about translations, is Nekeule still with us? ;)