Thursday, 1 March 2012

Progress v4.x

A few informations about the progress of my current project "The One v4.x" CFW...

I replied to most of the emails and comments I got, so all questions should be answered.
A few pm's on daily mobile are still pending...
If you don't get a reply from me in the next 24h, feel free to ask me again (probably missed some older mails). Contact informations are on the bottom of my blog.

The next version will be based on the latest UK firmware (Belle v7) from NaviFirm.
I don't know if this v7 number means anything since it's still 111.30.609... but  the files on navifirm are labeled from belle v1 to belle v7. So I wanted to be sure to be on the latest release.

I am currently running "The One v4.0.1" on my device, but it is still really close to the original firmware (no mods, but a few preinstalled things and languages are removed).
This final version seems to be already quite fast and responsive, Nokia did a good job with that!
So it looks really promising for my future CFW release;)

I hope I can release a first inernal version this weekend, a final version (which will most likely be v4.1.0)  is still far away...

Just wanted to keep you guys up to date:)

(btw. for those of you, who are interessted in the next "worlds best camera-phone", check out Nokia's whitepaper about the new Nokia 808 PureView)


  1. Hallo du da. Lange Nicht mehr Gesehen und doch wieder erkannt :) Beta Labs hat heute ein Neues Wetter Widget veröffentlich. Kannst du das mit einarbeiten? Wäre auch bereit wieder eine German-English Only Edition zu machen, aber nur mit deiner Erlaubnis, aber auch nur dann :o)

  2. Thank you for all your effort. Looking forward to it.

  3. Wenn Wir schon dabei sind. Es sind ja Durchsichtige Widgets erschienen. Kannst du bitte die auch einarbeiten. Wäre das auch möglich? Vielen dank.. Wair for Answer from you. Big Thx

    1. Hi Fifaheld
      I will stick with the original widgets provided by nokia, so no transparent widgets by default.

      contact me by email for the details about the german versions...

  4. @ TheOne thank you for all the continued efforts to keep us all running the latest an best cfw. Cant wait for the v4 trial version.

  5. Thanks for the update. I've been hoping / waiting for you to do a CFW based on the release, because your 3.1.0 was the best for me, and I've been missing all the extra widgets you included like the bigger calendar, and other widgets you included in your previous 3.1.0 CFW.

    I just read through your internal changelog. There is one thing I'd like - the labels on home screen icons. I respect your decision to remove them in your CFW, but hope you publish a "how to restore them" as well when you do release your CFW, so we can put them back if we want.

    1. hi
      thanks for choosing my cfw;)
      I will provide a patch to restore the text under hs-icons this time.