Friday, 30 March 2012

next version upcoming...

v4.3.0 should have been the last update for a while, but as you know there is a bug with the msg. reader...

I already fixed the msg. reader bug for me, but  there are also some issues with the translations.
Thats why I tooked the files for "v4.3.0 full translation" down...

Me and Nekeule are working on the next update, which will have full translations and msg. reader fixed!


  1. whats the message reader?

    the program we use for txting/sms, writing and reading them?

    or do you mean the program that actually really reads the sms by voice, with a strange voice?

    i never use this strange voice, this txt to speech, so i dont need to update?

    1. @Anonymous You don't need to update.

      @Daniel, can you please inform if the custom fonts not working bug is solved in v4.3?

  2. Hello,
    I´m using at the moment v4.2.0. I also install you’re The One Camera Mod 3.0.1 (The One Original mod) and I have problem when I want send the picture with sms. If a take picture through sms (take new picture) or picture that I have already taken when phone start switching picture to sms message when finished the picture is not in sms and I have this message appear Unable to scale image!