Monday, 19 March 2012

download traffic

I just figured out, that I can see some detailed stats about my hosted files on mediafire...
(last time I checked, that was only available for "Mediafire Pro" accounts)

I am currently hosting "3.7 GB" on the mediafire servers.

My currently hosted files were downloaded around ~15'000 times and caused a traffic of "870,5 GB"!

This statistic is only for "currently hosted files" on mediafire.
I usually get more downloads via Rapidshare and many people are creating mirrors and complete packages in their languages for their prefered forums... so I don't have a total number of downloads/traffic.

Also remember that internal versions are only hosted on Rapidshare (I have around 12GB files hosted on Rapidshare)...
But Rapidshare doesn't give me such detailed informations about downloads...

I get asked sometimes how many downloads my CFW has, so I though I share this information with you...
(I don't want to go into more detail about this, those are the only numbers I can get without calculating manually)

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