Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bug: Nokia Maps Suite 2.0

The latest Maps version from Nokia Beta Labs, comes with a bug.
Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 (3.00_12wk9_b05) needs Nokia Maps 3.08 preinstalled!

If you are using my CFW without maps preinstalled (or you did a hard reset (also on ofws')) you need to install Maps v3.08 first.

If you install Maps Suite right away, you will have a strange bug, that closes every Qt-App when pulling down the topbar.

Remember, that Maps Suite is still beta... I reported this bug to Nokia, hopefully they fix it for future versions.

I will link this post to the bug list of my CFW. Even if its not really a CFW problem, its an important information


  1. So I am assuming this is the right flow.

    I flash with v4.2 of your CFW -> Install Nokia Maps 3.08 -> Install latest beta of Nokia Maps suite.

  2. thats correct!
    that way you will not have this annoying bug anymore...

    there was another way to solve this issue, by preinstalling only four small files in my uda...
    but in that case the phone would think maps 3.08 is already installed, therefore people who wants to install maps 3.08 instead of maps suite 2.0 would have been screwed:)

    lets just hope nokia fixes their beta version, so we do not need to install the latest final maps in future...

  3. I am pretty sure they will fix it. No Qt app will work with their Map installed than.

    How do I disable the vibration when a call is connected? It is very annoying. This mod actually "tacticle feedback in calls by ancelad"

    1. well, since all ofw's are coming with maps preinstalled, i understand how they missed this bug... and its still beta, at least when it goes final and is integrated into their firmwares, they will notice it

      sorry about the tacticle feedback, but you cannot change this after flashing...
      i think its a great mod, i don't have to listen to the beep-tones until the call is connected... i just know the line is up when it vibrates.

    2. It vibrates against your ear, this is why I don't like it. I found a solution to this on dailymobile forum though.