Monday, 26 March 2012

v4.2.0 for full translation

Nekeule updated the translations for v4.2.0 and put them online yesterday.

I added the link in the download section.

In case you did not noticed it yet, I put a new donation button up last week.
You can now make donations for Nekeule.

He is doing a great and fast job with the full translations of my CFW.


  1. Thanks The_One and Nekeule, awesome job!
    I am having issues with the Social Networking Client, it installs but does not run, I have tried with the one at the OVI Store, with the one on the TOOLS page and none is working, not sure what's the issue, going to wait and try with the 4.3 version once the languages are uploaded.

  2. Hi The_One
    I have a question.Are Nekeule`s Rofs2 Files for v4.2.0 gone?
    The Link bring me only to the download for v4.3.0 Full Translation.
    Sorry for my bad english.