Monday, 26 March 2012


v4.3.0 is online

this version comes with ~230MB free space on C:\ (224MB free space on c:\ with maps preinstalled).
notable changes in this release are the updated email client and that we finaly have a version with maps preinstalled again;)

all packages are available for download, detailed infos in the internal changelog.

again for full translations:
wait for nekeules updated files, DO NOT use translated rofs2 from v4.2.0/v4.1.0.

mediafire link for "v4.3.0 (no maps)" is broken. reupload soon...

Edit II:
mediafilre link is fixed


  1. Thanks for the release!

    I just updated to 4.2.0, and i am lazy to flash again so quickly, but an updated mail client sounds good - is there any way to update the mail client without flashing the whole FW?


    1. hi niko,
      v4.2.0 is also bugfree and works great, if you are happy with your current cfw, there is no need to update. you can think for yourself, if an update is worth reflashing...

      the updates for the mail client can be installed by the pixi enabler or something like that (comes with the update for the microsoft apps).
      but it will install additional stuff and the new mail client to your c:\ drive.
      v4.3.0 has the mail client integrated in rofs (z:\) and comes without additional apps like microsoft connector thing.

    2. Thanks for the info...

      I'll think about it. Maybe another flash is worth a try, since it happened two times for me that the 4.2.0 was freezing in standby for no obvious reason (black screen, 8 seconds reset was the only thing that helped). It might be a qt or sleeping screen issue, but it didn't happen to me before 4.2.0.

      This installer seems to do too much, judging by what you wrote.

      Anyway, thanks again for your effort, and i hope you'll keep on working for the good ol' N8 ;)


  2. Thank You for 4.3!

    hows the batterylife of 4.3?

    is there any easy way to save/backup the settings of the Opera Browser? and then to put them back?
    which folder do we need to save?

    btw: which browser do you use on your N8?

    1. battery life is about the same as v4.2.0 i guess...

      don't know what folder opera is using. since belle, i am using the default browser.

  3. Hi Dan,

    Version 4.30 Really ROCKS... Impressed with the new version of maps... very nice speed & it's showing the photos from my gallery on maps at the respective locations that I had taken them.

    Battery life & overall performance is really great... So far so great... Thumbs up to you... Thank you very much for this awesome work...

  4. hi Daniel,
    Do you know if there is any possibility to download mail attachment larger than 5 MB? on original firmware the attachment larger than 5 Mb can not be downloaded.
    I have now the CFW 4.2.0 and installed Nokia social from TOOLS but it not start on my phone. Do you know where is the problem?

    Thank you,


  5. hello my friend TheOne

    where is the translation from Portuguese of Brazil? I downloaded the file with translations, but it does not have the file ROFs2

    1. if you read the description carefully, you will see that the "full translation" package is just part 1. you also need the rofs2 translated by nekeule... its a seperate download

  6. Is the bug introduced in v4.2 due to which we were not able to use custom fonts in Qt apps fixed now?

    Other than that, I don't see a point upgrading. I am happy already with v4.2 but would like to remove font zoomer if custom fonts are working.

  7. nekeule translations are not in mediafire? so where we can get full translations? thanks.

    1. not released yet... i am working on it with nekeule

  8. Hi the one,
    Can you help me with answer? I have now the CFW 4.2.0 and installed Nokia social from TOOLS but it not start on my phone. Do you know where is the problem?

    thank you,


    1. i do not use social...
      maybe the installer is not working correctly.

      can you try to install it from sw-updates on your phone or via nokia suite?
      (if social is not installed, it will be offered as update)

    2. thank's for help, instaled from nokia store and it work now

    3. thanks for reporting, i remove the broken installers from tools section