Tuesday, 24 July 2012


The One Reloaded v1.2.0 is now available for download.

~560MB free space on C:\ (maps preinstalled) and ~300MB free RAM after startup.

Check the internal changelog for changes since v1.1.2.

There is a bug, caused by modded sysap.exe.
You can't start the camera by pressing the camera button when the phone is locked!
(Camera button still starts when phone is unlocked)

That "bug" still exists in v1.2.0, because for me the modded sysap is worth more than the unlock by camera button feature...

If you think differntly and want to solve this issue, you have to remove the modded sysap.exe and replace it with the original one.
A short tutorial about this will be online soon (I will also provide the files you need to do this)...

Btw. Arabic and Turkish keyboards were requested, I'll try to offer them soon too.


  1. The One...great work
    I have yet again some questions...

    Can the Green dial hardware button be re-mapped so it opens dialer instead call log?

    In default Video player we need to set up Access Point in use but it does not offer option to use system default
    In my case it offers AT&T Internet, AT&T wap or my WIFI. That means if I am on 3G and come home, switch to WIFI, videos wont stream to the player until I go to Settings->App Settings->Videos and change connection to WIFI. Is there some workaround that you know of?

    1. hi H078,
      thanks for your continuous interest and feedback about my CFW!

      maybe its possible to change the call button functionality (i am will take a look at the green light as charging notification, if i find something in there that could help you with that, i let you know)

      sadly i also have no solution for your second problem...
      but i think depending on how you open a stream, it still chooses the default connection, doesn't it?

      e.g. when you open youtube videos from browsers, they open in default video player and use the same connection...

    2. H078: by default, access point is set to "none". It's using default connection. Once you setup any access point, you cannot revert out back to 'none'. Workaround is to create copy of any access point, assign it to video streaming and then delete this access point.

  2. The One... Have you ever looked into possibility of extracting Iphone style emoji from Whatsapp and implementing it into stock font (for SMS use)...Is something like that even possible.
    Reason to ask is that lots of us have friends and family using Iphone and quite often on received SMS we get blank symbols since Nokia default emoticon set is quite limited.

    1. well, adding symbols to symbian font/keyboard is easy...
      but to make it compatible with the iphone symbols, you have to check the iphone fonts to see what codes they are using for the symbols and port them to symbian.

      i didn't take a look at it, but i though whatsapp already has a nice symbol support?