Thursday, 19 July 2012


v1.1.2 is another small update...

by adding hacked installserver to rofs, there is no need to use installserver-patch in rompatcher anymore. this is fixing the "component built-in" error for some installers!

the hacked installserver also offers log functionality, create a folder "installserver" on your mass memory to extract sis installers.

rompatcher is staying for now, still useful, thanks to open4all... (and the possibility to add more patches ;))


  1. hi the one i allready flashed 1.1.1 successful
    can i flash again 1.1.2 ??? & please add Battery+Network Color replay thank u.

    1. of course you can flash to my latest version ;)

      this is because my cfw is based on belle fp1 v112.20.311.
      so basically for the phone, its always the same version...

      flashing another base version is only possible if its higher!
      (so no going back to 309)

      i will think about the battery indicator in future.
      usually i do not implement too many ui customization... users can apply customizations on their own very easy.

      use nokiacooker to place modded "avkon2.mif" in "rofs2\resource\apps" or take a look at joshlog patch (don't know if its v112.20.311 compatible) to change battery indicator
      (you will find many colors on daily mobile's modding section)

  2. The one... I found this thread about disabling theme effects however I am not clear with instructions (half way down on thread) can you look it up and see if you can implement it
    Here is the link:

    So far your ROM works great - only thing that really needs is theme effects off...Thanks for great work

    1. i am taking a short vacation for the next few days... i will try it myself next week.

      (iextrax7 knows what he is doing, so you can try it with his patch if you dont want to wait for me to test it first:))

  3. also intalling white digital clock widget does not work. Installation completes but after reboot only numbers change to black and bacground stays the same

    1. widgets are on z:\, for most of them its not possible to change them without the joshlog patch.

      try to search for it here on my blog (mods category) or on daily mobile.
      (dont know if there already is a working patch for the 808)

      otherwise you can extract the white clock you found and put the files into my rofs2 and reflash...

  4. I deleted some of the effects from the CORE and modified screen rotation effects, also changed few .mif files in the CORE to get widgets I wanted. Reflashed and everything went well. With effects change phone is blazing fast :) and I have nice clock and weather widgets.
    One more thing - I noticed that v1.1.2 does not start camera when screen is locked. That feature was available on the stock 112.020.0310.
    Can you please look into it and see what is different. It is VERY VERY useful feature as I think us who bought 808 bought it for the sake of camera so it would be rally nice to have that feature back.

  5. Again, i added hack to disable home screen rotation that goes to c/private/10202be9. works perfect.It preserves in C after soft reset.

    Also i tried user agent change for the browser but none of them works well. The best one so far is the one from your N8 user agent 5.0 (101f8731(0-5).txt) but I was still wondering can u look into making user agent setup based on Opera Mini as it in my opinion renders the pages best for any mobile so far. I do not care about having Flash, and with Opera Mini user agent for Nokia browser we could have Native browser that performs really well.

    1. the user agent does not change the way pages are rendered!
      to change the browser rendering, you need way more than a user agent...

      the pages will always be rendered via nokia's default browser engine, but the user agent decides how your browser get recognized!
      that means for example:
      a webserver recognizes your browser as firefox. instead of redirecting you automatically to a mobile version of a page, you will get the desktop version.
      (or iphone version, or whatever you choose during the installation)

      as a second example:
      if you are not automatically redirected, you may end up on a page that is not supported... for example the full youtube page needs full flash support, a user agent can not add full flash support to nokia browser.
      (mobile pages still work, but you will have to put in the mobile address manually (

      i hope you understand ;)

    2. I was trying to make point that (for example)when u use iphone 4s as user agent Nokia Browser has trouble renedering, on the pages with lots of pictures and when u scroll the page scrolling would stutter on each picture.However knowing that Opera Mini is truly mobile browser (I personally don't care about Flash) I was hoping that having it as user agent would speed up the browser since it would have easier job of rendering the pages. I think default nokia's browser is good enough but just speeding it up with lesser amount of rendering could not hurt.

    3. sorry mate, i think you got this the wrong way.

      the user agent does not affect the browsers rendering!
      pages are always rendered the same way, by the same engine, the user agent does not change anything here...

      so let me give you another example:

      if you visit with different ua's

      iphone ua:
      the google webserver redirects you to the iphone version of the page. you are now on a iphone optimized google page, rendered by nokia browser.

      firefox ua:
      the google webserver thinks you are using a desktop browser and you will not be redirected to a mobile page. you are now on the full google page, rendered by nokia browser.

      default ua:
      the google webserver redirects you to the nokia version of the page. you are now on a nokia optimized google page, rendered by nokia browser.

      the user agent does not change anything for the browser itself, only for the webservers!
      so it doesn't render anything differently, you just get a different website thanks to a different ua.

      i hope i explained it better this time...

    4. Well that makes sense ... thanks

  6. Or if you would share how to on creating user agent txt file I could try to piece it up myself

  7. Hi the one!
    I have an 808 too after my N8 and I wish to continue using your CFW but I must ask you a question, will you release with full translations? otherway I couldn't use it... :(


    1. hi peter,
      as far as i know, nekeule is not planing to upgrade to the 808...
      without his help its very hard to support full translations!

      at this early state of my cfw, it doesn't make much sense to offer them just yet.

      if i have a stable and bugfree version, i will put up a link on how to do your own full translations
      (its very easy, thanks to a tutorial and all needed files by freaxs_r_us, and i can offer my help if necessary)

    2. :( what a pity... I love your CFW for the N8 and I wish to use it at my 808, if I could I don't mind to translate what you want to Spanish... if you send me the file with texts in English I could translate to Spanish... let me know if I could help.
      Thanks! and keep going!!

    3. hi PeTeR,
      thanks for offering your help!

      most things don't need to be translated manually... nekeule also doesn't speak all languages he created translations for :)

      its mostly the work of repacking all the files for every language. nekeule took most of the work off my back, so i could concentrate on the english base version.

      if you still want to help me with translations, i would be happy to teach you some things... (even if it's just for the sake of the spanish users :))

      if you are interested, send me an email
      (address is at the bottom of my blog;))

  8. same as origanal firmware in gallery gif files not working

  9. hi the one a small question if i flash the cfw than the product code are changed alone to the code on your firmware how can i make my orginal code back?

    1. and the camera button problem i have it to i hope u can help us :D

    2. i slove the 2 problems the second problem was with the sysapp.exe i have use the orginal one and the camera start normally on keylock sorry for my bad english :D

    3. i guessed it was the modded sysap (because its the only mod that interferes with the cam button), but did not had the time to test it yet...

      thanks for confirming, saves me some time!

      my product code also changed by flashing (don't know why, it never happend on my n8).
      i think phoenix can do it (in "tools -> product code change"), but i never used it before...
      (i also think you need the firmware for your original product code, to swap it... i can't test it, because there is no firmware for my product code available for download yet)

    4. You can change it back via Nemesis Software Suite (NSS)

  10. djkaruci, where is sysapp.exe located?

    1. i'll provide the original sysap.exe and a short tutorial about how to replace it this evening

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  12. The one ... another question ... Do you know is it possible to change pre-defined values for the font sizes in browser. I am using normal size 50% of the time and large another 50%.
    Is there a way to make Normal font slightly larger or Large font slightly smaller so there is no need to swap between the two all the time? - again depending on how Nokia browser renders it :) - That setting bothered me since N97 over N8 up until now due to somewhat limited Nokia screen resolution.

    1. i don't think so...
      you could of course use modified fonts, but that would affect the whole phone.

    2. no way even on my android and iPhone I changed fonts to Nokia Sans ... :)