Sunday, 15 July 2012

The One Reloaded v1.0.5 (internal)

So here is the first public version of my CFW for the Nokia 808.
I didn't had too much time to see what mods from pre-FP1 are still compatible, so I only added the modifications already confirmed working.

About Nokia Maps
On the N8 I always split up the maps package to rofs and uda (z:\ & c:\). The 808 has enough free space to keep the full package in uda (c:\), so it will stay there.

If you prefer the CFW without preinstalled maps, download the seperate UDA (without maps).

You will find detailed information about this release in the internal changelog.

v1.0.5 comes with ~560MB free space on C:\ (maps included!) and ~300MB free ram.

It is pre-hacked via RomPatcher. Activate "Installserver 1.7" patch to install unsigned packages...

Like all previous internal versions this one is only available in english, but you can install your prefered keyboard language via rofs3.
(currently I only extracted german, request your prefered language via comment)

Let me know about any bugs you find in this version and I will try to fix them soon ;)

Edit: download link was broken, its now fixed and ready for download!


  1. cuales son las mejores con este CFW?

    1. sorry mate,
      i only speak german and english...
      (i tried google translator, but your comment didn't make any sense there :))

      can you ask again in englisch?

    2. Yesterday I bought a 808 and wanted to know what improvements can have with your firmware, camera, sound, speed, more memory free? Always use your firmware on my N8 and improved a lot!

    3. hi JuanP,
      i think all informations you need are inside my changelog:

      it has a lot more free space on C:\ since all the annoying preinstalled apps are gone. that also gives your a little bit more free ram.
      (but lets be honest, the 808 should have enough of both even on stock firmwares:))

      its the first public version, so if you want to help me improve it, test it and tell me what to change ;)

      feel free to ask, if some things are not clear

  2. Sir I can't download the file for N808 from mediafire it redirected me to signup yet I signed up but still i can't see your files mate thanx for asap reply! i wanna try N808 firmware of yours!

  3. can you upload to other file sharing sites sir? thanks again

    1. sorry, the link on my page was broken.
      its fixed and you should be able to download the package...

      for future versions i will upload on rapidshare & mediafire. but i am currently looking for a good way to organize the 808 firmwares, so i try to keep it simple for now