Friday, 13 July 2012

Goodbye Nokia N8

What would Friday 13th be without some bad news? :)

Today I got a package I was waiting for, since the end of February...
Nokia 808 Black
The Nokia 808 arrived today and is charging right now!

I try to write a few words about the 808 in the next few days.

But do not expect a big review like on all about symbian, or websites like this. I don't have the equipment to do that kind of things. Just my thoughts about upgrading from the N8 to the 808 :)

Of course for me, getting the 808 is not bad news at all!
So to the "bad" news...

It would be a shame if my N8 would getting dusty in one of my drawers, that's why I will give it away to somebody in my family. That means I won't be able to give you further updates for my N8 CFW's.

I can probably fix bugs (if you are able to find any, nobody did since v4.4.0), add or change some small stuff... but do not expect a all new CFW based on a new release. If I can not test it, I can not really work on it.

Of course, I will fully support you guys in case you have questions or need help, like I did 'till now!

I am really excited to  test this device and see whats possible with it!
Anyone else planning to update his phone to the 808?


  1. Hi the_one,

    grats to your new mobile!
    I consider to upgrade, but i really love the "smallness" of the N8. I need to see an 808 in real life before.
    Mobiles like the SIII maybe strong devices, but making phone calls with them looks laughable.

    I hope you'll upgrade this blog to an 808 blog.
    Take care and have fun


    1. thanks mate, i will have fun with this device for sure ;)

      last weekend i was in a mobile shop to take a look at all current top-devices (they did not have the 808).

      i saw the lumia 800/900, galaxy s3, htc one x/s and some others...
      all of them were way to big for me (except for the lumia 800). so i though i take the 808.

      to be honest, after reading reviews, i excpected a huge, heavy and bulky device...
      so i was very surprised by the 808, it looks great and is almost the same size as the n8.
      (ok, the camera part is bigger. but while holding it, my fingers are below the hump, so it doesn't make a difference)

      i will write more about this, if i have time (and if i can take my hands of the 808:))

      but for now, i can say its not as bulky and big as reviewers want to make you believe.
      (to form/size factor is much more appealing to me, than all the other high end phones out there right now... but thats just my opinion)

      so if you can, try it for yourself before buying it;)

  2. i was planning too but they wont do it on a contract in uk boooooooo ! :/

  3. hi,i have the 808, i bought it two weeks ago. It's a great phone, but Belle FP1 on the 808 have less features than your CFW for the N8.
    the Gallery has less features and the music player is the old. I hope you can Fix it ;)

    But it's still a awesome Phone!

    1. well, we will see how much we can do with the 808.
      not all previous mods will be compatible, but i am sure we can get more out of this device ;)

  4. I love my nokia n8 and I can still give much better .. and I put in my n8 your version e-mail and shooting from windows app for me is fantastic! Only a few ... if the developer could make more beautiful ... for example .. it would clear the top! will ever be possible? You can do it?

    1. hi Francesca,
      sorry i dont fully understand your comment.
      what excatly do you want more beautiful, can you give me an example?

    2. I put the patch joshlog widnget transparency effects for ... but your beautiful email widget also allowed the option before I write new mail and saw the icon of contacts to choose ... now I just reply, reply to all, forward .. and do not know why ... or how to solve

    3. hi francesca,
      since modified widgets are not part of my cfw, i can't really comment on them...

      if you send me an email with some screen shots, so i can see the problem myself, i may be able to help you.

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    5. unfortunately can not do it ... I Hope You Understand ... joshlog the patch may not be the reason for the difference in how I have hen I installed the first time, I had the opportunity to write a new email by choosing the contacts to whom (email were appearing in the widget a small book) but I had remove it and when I reinstalled the possibility of writing new email is gone .. I can only respond and / or forward unfortunately can not do it ... I Hope You Understand ... Because the mod may not be the reason for the difference in how I have now .. the first time I installed your e-mail I was amazed at ripondere Because as i write new mail received and Seemed a little icon showing my contacts for me to pick the Possibility destinatari.Sai Because now this does not Appear? the rest (forward and reply) works really good.

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    7. done! Snap the screen is made ​​but is now Placed in F and I can move it up via bluetooth almio mail address ... I had never used the application and do not know if there are other ways ... but I can send now via email, if you provide me your address .. thanks!

    8. my email adress is at the bottom of the blog

    9. sent! Let me know if you've got!

    10. solved! so good and sorry for the inconvenience ... this version simply clear the icon disappears, but if I cic appears in the interface and the contacts sscrittura!! thanks and sorry!

    11. I hope you do not want to just abandon your precious job for n8 ..... because it is a great phone and is still growing ... near perfect for me ... the only weak thing is the internet browser and ... here you could be happy working on that .. seen that Xenon did .. But need the flash and I would avoid it ... you can help?

    12. hi Francesca,
      good to hear you got it fixed!

      about xenon:
      the latest xenon is based on the leaked belle v111.040. thats why he has a newer/improved browser installed. its not a customization/mod by him.
      my cfw is based on the latest original v111.030. if i am going to change the browser/base version of my cfw, you also need to flash again...

      about abadoning the n8:
      the nokia n8 is a great phone, no doubt about that!

      but i already gave my n8 away, so if i continue my work for the n8, i can not test my own cfw...
      so it would need a lot of help by users (and the effort of explaining them what exactly needs to be tested and the time for uploading/waiting for replies, should not be underestimated).

      but i still give support and try to help n8 users!
      and for now, my cfw is still based on the latest official belle version and contains almost all usefull mods... nothing is outdated yet!!

      so i still have time to think about the future of my n8-project, its nothing decided yet...

    13. and by the way, thanks for your interest in my work ;)

    14. I understand you well. I have not tried your full cw, but good to know if you do not need the flash .. (do not know and I'm afraid of damaging my n8.) But only 6 UAs, sysap, email .... this because I do not understand the difference maps and I have not seen separately installable mod browser, if there are install and if you have time and explain changes in consecrated maps ... thanks ...

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    16. Please .. I want to try your CFW! I have to remove something installed? my n8 symbian 3 has the official update to the belle with your brower would be better? and that differences in the maps?

    17. hi francesca,

      i guess you will be flashing my cfw with full translations for your language?
      that way you would need to choose the version without maps (because preinstalled maps are for english only). after you flashed with the "no maps" version, install them yourself (installer is available in "tools" on my blog).

      i applied some mods to the default browser to improve it, the browser will work slighly better with my cfw.
      but if you want the latest (probably beta) browser, you need to flash a cfw based on taylors leaked firmware (v111.040.x).

      you should find all informations about how to choose the correct version for you and how to flash in the description on my blog.

      let me know if you have further questions

    18. So I will wait before deciding that the next update ... I did not understand one thing .. what's the difference between your maps and maps suites souit 3 .. 2 hours Official ... I admit that I put your differences, but I do not understand that That's still more important ... ... nokia communicator (imagine extracted from anna) and the nokia vpn clients .. because if you have the same function .. I prefer to anna .. but in truth I have not had occasion to use them right now ... so I'll ask .. thanks!

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    20. help! I installed your Microsoft Communicator in c but I understand now that I do not need and do not know how to uninstall it! I say impossible to delete the file!
      I thought it was a exechange activesinc most advanced and new features (like chat) but it's just business and if there is not way to use it diversamete I do not need or will remove you help me find a way to use not linked to an intranet?

    21. i already replied to your comment about maps... the installers i offer are the original one, nothing modded in there (see my other comment for more details).

      the communicator is extracted from the latest original belle firmware. the latest vpn client is available as update via nokia store.

      the communicator (once installed) runs in background. you need to kill the process first, before you can remove it. you need a third party task manager for that...

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    23. solved with ramblow and killed!! thanks again and sorry maybe the problem is still the best understanding of English .. or perhaps my limited knowledge on the device .. Thanks also for sharing with us your wonderful work!

    24. we talk about the upcoming release of beautiful n8 refresh (or as I understand it pretty F2) which should among other things Sharpening your internet browser, the weak point of this phone ... is it? you know when? We can help with that?

    25. well, i guess that nokia will release "belle refresh" for the n8 when 808 users get "belle fp2".

      so it probably will take some time...

      new features like updated taskmanager, music player and widgets are already included in my latest cfw.
      but the browser can not be ported so far... if you want a newer browser, try to install a cfw based on the leaked belle v111.040.

      but be aware, that v111.040 is not a final version yet!

    26. I understand .. but sin. because the cell is likely to grow old and tired so users before being developed competamente really .. I know .. are the rules of the market .. but it's a shame ... I know now that there are mods that allow rewriting and reading in C of everything now, and certainly there is scope for strengthening it without compromising its stability .. unfortunately I do not have the knowledge to do it .. I can only hope for some independent developer who still believes in the system symbian / or.. belle now .

  5. Congratulations to your upgrade to 808! I already tested one for a week - it's a great phone with excellent camera and audio quality, I will get mine next week.

  6. hi bro how to flash my 808 with your v112.020.0311 & my product code is 059P8D4 i am from india bangalore please explane.thank u.i also upgrade n8 to nokia 808 ilove nokia smartphones.

    1. hi raj,
      your product code does not matter at all, you can flash any 808 firmware to your device.

      i will put up a full "how to flash the 808" tutorial, as soon as i have time to write it...

      in the mean time you can use the current how to from my description.

      only differences are:
      -instead of "\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596" copy the firmware files to the RM-807 folder

      -different steps in phoenix itself
      2. go to "File" -> "Open Product" -> choose "RM-807"
      6. hit "Options" and the file list will open, remove the red file in the list ("RM-807_M005.07.emmc.fpsx")

      everything else is exactly the same as in the current tutorial!
      (contact me via email if you need further support)

      you need the latest phoenix from my tools section to flash the 808

  7. You're lucky enough to get your self a pure view!!! :) Congo! Enjoy!

    1. i am enjoying it very much, thank you ;)

  8. I have the N8 and I like to record video. When I playback on the unit via HDMI or just on screen, it works fine. But, when I transfer to my PC, it is really choppy playback. Any thoughts on this? It is the same with every video. Thanks in advance!

    1. if playback on your device (and even hdmi) works fine, the problem has to be your pc.

      try another player, maybe you are missing the codecs to play 720p videos recorded on the n8 (vlc or media player classic are very powerfull in codec support).
      it could also be the performance of your computer, but in that case you would have to use a very old one...

  9. Belle refresch has been released now for n8 .... I find useless but a lot of things ... just the browser and the camera are really useful and good for the device ... I hope for your mod just for that? can you do?