Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The One Reloaded v1.1.1

Sorry about the java bug in v1.1.0.

v1.1.1 is fixed and ready for download!
no other changes...

btw. for the few people who already downloaded v1.1.0, you can use update instead of refurbish.


  1. Any way to turn off Theme effects?

    1. i don't think its possible to bring the option to disable them back...

      but via modding it should be possible to remove default effects.

      i am not sure if it works when you remove all theme effects (except for "" file, which allows effects from c:\_tools\effects) or if you need "dummy" files, eg. empty effects...

  2. please add Battery+Network Color bro thank u

  3. bro i allready flashed 1.1.1 can i again flash my handset to 1.1.2 ?? & again please please add Battery+Network Color bro replay thank u.

    1. of course you can flash to my latest version ;)
      you could also go back to v1.0.5!

      this is because my cfw is based on belle fp1 v112.20.311.
      so basically for the phone, its always the same version...

      flashing another base version is only possible if its higher!
      (so no going back to 309)

      i will think about the battery indicator in future.
      usually i do not implement too many ui customization... users can apply customizations on their own very easy.

      use nokiacooker to place modded "avkon2.mif" in "rofs2\resource\apps" or take a look at joshlog patch (don't know if its v112.20.311 compatible) to change battery indicator
      (you will find many colors on daily mobile's modding section)