Monday, 30 July 2012

Rapidshare-mirrors are going offline...

If you own a premium account on a file hoster, you probably know that (for personal usage), is not the preferred one in the Internet anymore.

That's why I am not planning to renew my account.
My account expired today, so I am now a free user.

That means all my files uploaded on rapidshare will be deleted automatically after 30 days of inactivity!

From now on, I will upload my files on mediafire only. I hope that's fine for you guys.

If anybody has some leftover rapids for me, I could keep my files online for some more time :)
As an alternative, if you want my files to stay online on rapidshare, download them once every 30 days :p

I misunderstood the email by rapidshare. My files are not going offline in 30 days from today, it also affects files that were inactive for the previous 30 days. Some files will be offline by tomorrow!!

Make sure you download what you need as soon as possible, I don't have all files on my local disk and won't be able to re-upload them!

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