Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Photo & Video Editor from N8 to 808

I extracted the Photo & Video Editor from the Nokia N8 and created installers for the Nokia 808.

I removed some of the plugins/files so it won't interfere with the newer built-in PhotoEditor/Gallery of the 808.
The Editors can be installed to any drive you want.

I tested it on my 808 (installed to E:\ drive) and it looks like its working :)

Photo Editor for 808
Video Editor for 808

Let me know if you find any limitations/bugs in this packages!
If it all works well, I may integrate it into my CFW. I am waiting for your feedback.

The following bugs were found when using the old editors on the Nokia 808
These Editors do not work on Belle FP2, this is for Belle FP1 only!

Video Editor:
-slide show is not working (not possible to add pictures)

Photo Editor:


  1. Great add-on;

    These two tools are nice to have as they offer some extra features that built-in 808 editor does not have. However default 808 editor is much smoother in operation, pinch to zoom etc.

    In my humble opinion you can leave them under your "Tools" section of the blog so they can be installed on as-need basis.

    1. i guess that would be best...
      'till now i didn't had time to really work with them (just a short test).

      but maybe i integrate them anyway (i could insert them into rofs, so they would not use any space on c:\ (or other drives))

      thanks for your feedback!

  2. YAY! Very Nice! Thanks you very much!

  3. Video editor does not support 808 video formats. It runs, but you cannot do much with it.

    1. i though only 1080p videos are not supported.
      record a video in 720p and try to edit it.

      the old video editor never supported 1080p!

  4. How you extract the editors from Nokia N8 and create a .sis from they? Teach me please!! My email

    Thank you so much for your help!!!

    1. you need to know what files belong to the editors (or any other application). you can find out about them in the registry file list...
      some files may be not listed and you need to find them manually by checking filenames and directories.

      after you extracted the files, use siscontents to create a installer

    2. Id like to know how to extract installed apps as well.
      I cant even find the registry file list on my N8.
      Is there a guide / tutorial on the internet anywhere?


    3. the registry is under "c:\sys\install\"
      you need a 3rd party filebrowser and open4all patch (rompatcher) to get full access to this folder.

      the registry may help you to find all files related to the app you are trying to extract.

  5. Hi There
    tried to install the video and photo editor sis files from your link but got a message that certificate was not trusted. How do I get around this?

    1. you need a hacked system. If you are still running a ofw, then it should be integrated anyway

  6. Hi first of all i just want to thank you for those cfw's but i still have 2 questions i hope you can help me with
    First one is there any way that i can install the edetors on my fp2 cfw ?
    and the second one is a bit stupid how can i change the boot style to the original look :S ?
    thnx H_Bakheet

    1. sorry mate,
      the editors don't work anymore on fp2. didn't had time to figure out why so far...

      the boot sceen can be changed by replacing rofs2\resource\apps\splashscreen.mif via nokiacooker before flashing.

      if you want to change it without flashing use the joshlog patch

    2. thank you for replaying
      by the way i just found a way to lunch them on belly fp2 i tried it and worked XD
      you can lunch them by another programs like (belly extra buttons) you can find them in the app list but still not shown in the menu and the app is working on fp2
      still having a proplem adding arabic on the software but every thing else is perfect thanx again for this cfw XD

    3. thank you for this information.
      maybe helps me to fix it ;)

    4. your welome :D

  7. could you make photo and video editor installer thats will work on Nokia 808 FP2?

  8. Aha, finally I've tried one of the previous post, I use the sis. file and use belle extra button to find the apps, and yes it worked. It just the video editor miss the transition option, so I can't choose any kind of transition, I don't know if it just me or maybe there's some file missing extracted from N8...

    1. the package should contain all the same files as the official version for belle refresh...

      thanks to H_Bakheet i figured out, why they are not showing up in the menu...
      if i find some time, i will release a patch to fix this and take a look at the transitions.
      (you may have to remind me again, in case i forgett :P)

  9. Do you know of any other video editor for the Nokia 808 that lets you make video from pics, video and sound clips? I can get that video editor for 808 to install. It install but I can find the icon anywhere. thanks

  10. Can you help me with launching video editor on my Nokia 808?

  11. Hi Jamel,

    The Video/Photo Editors basically work (with a few
    limitations, e.g. only up to 720p video edits)... the problem is, they
    are hidden on Belle FP2.

    Some 3rd party app launchers are able to see them.
    As an alternative you can try to make them visible via a mod.

    Can you try this one:

    Let me know if this persons mod doesn't work and I take a look at it myself.

    Btw. Video Pro is available in my download section, you can give that one a try (but honestly, I was never a fan of that app)

  12. Hello Daniel..
    The Mod didn't work or I don't know how to launch it.
    Did see any icon appear for it and I didn't see any menu
    option while open up the video app for options. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks

  13. tried video pro.. This is the reason why I drastically need video editor.