Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bug fix: unlock 808 by camera button

As you may know, on the original firmwares for the Nokia 808 you are able to unlock the phone and start the camera by pressing the camera-button.

On my CFW this feature is not working, because of the modded sysap.exe (by chris_marsh). We will probably see a fixed version for the 808, but 'till then I offer you a different solution.

To fix this issue you can restore the original sysap.exe in the core file before flashing.
That way, unlocking via camera button will work. But you have to give up the features of the modded sysap.exe.

What does the sysap mod do?
Like the changelog already say, its responsible for the following changes:

-sysap mod
  -predefined settings
    -restart option in pwr.button menu
      -icon for restart
      -replacing lock screen & keys entry
    -disabled notifications
      -charging notes
      -change profile from offline to general
      -play via radio (FM-Transmitter)
      -power saving activate/deactivated
    -sim settings/call logs won't be cleaned after sim changes
  -customize settings via tweaks after flashing

 There are also some small things not mentioned in the changelog:

-rearanging icons in topbar
  -seperate icon for wlan/mobile data
  -hiding line indicator ("1")
    -only if your network supports two lines (line two "2" will still show up, if you change the line)
-brings back profile seletction for power menu button

Decide for your self if you want to give the modded sysap features up, for the unlock by camera button feature.

What do you need?
You will need the following files:

-Nokia Cooker
-my CFW files
-original sysap.exe

What to do?
-use NokiaCooker to open my CORE file
-delete "sysap.exe" and "sysap.ldd" from "\sys\bin\"
-copy the original sysap.exe to sys\bin\
-save my CORE file and (re-)flash your phone

If you are already running my latest CFW version, you can flash the firmware using "update" instead of "refurbish" in Phoenix. That way you should be able to keep your current apps, settings and personal data.
But I highly recommend to do a backup anyway, in case something goes wrong!!

Corrected and slimmed down the  description for modded sysap.exe, for easier understanding.

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