Thursday, 5 July 2012

How to decrease volume for 3.5mm output

Some people like it, some don't...
As you may noticed while using my CFW, there is a mod by iExtraX7 to increase the volume output for the 3.5mm.

If you are one of the persons who do not like this mod, I am going to tell you here, how to remove it from my CFW. Of course I will also provide all the files you need to do this ;)

The Mod by iExtraX7 contains two improvements. One is to use the Anna Parameters to provide higher quality and bass overall, the other one is to increase the volume for the 3.5mm output.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to restore the original volume only, so the improved quality by the Anna files will stay!

How to
All you need for this method is the NokiaCooker, this package "sound mod removal.rar" and of course the files for my CFW.

Open my CORE via NokiaCooker, insert the file "resource\ParamServ\hrv_gain_tunings.rsc" from the package above into my CORE file (overwrite the existing one) and save the modified CORE.

Now just reflash your phone!

If you are already running my latest CFW version, you can flash the firmware using "update" instead of "refurbish" in Phoenix. That way you should be able to keep your current apps, settings and personal data.
But I highly recommend to do a backup anyway, in case something goes wrong!!


  1. Mir könnte der noch lauter sein :D Habe mich aber echt gewundert das auf einmal soviel Dampf hinter dem Anschluss steckt.
    Dafür danke ich dir The One

  2. Tutorial works like a charm. I'm happy with the decreased volume if i listen to audio books at night.

  3. Actually, I don't like this iExtraX7 mod because Nokia created and tested many times about the volume quality before launch the phone to the market, and now I think this mod will destroy our human ear and is not good for us, but thank you give us a solution to remove this. :)