Friday, 6 July 2012

Microsoft Apps 2.0 & PixiEnablers slim Installers

MS Apps & PixiEnablers are now officially released for the Nokia N8.
Since those packages contain a lot of unnecessary features, I offer you some slimmer installers for the most important parts.

Special thanks to Michael, who sent me the latest original installers.


PixiEnablers v2.1.1.254
Contains all content, this is the original installer.
(Comes with "Nokia Fonts" which is almost impossible to remove. Those new fonts do not support symbols for some of my mods (e.g. power button menu).)
(Update: According to MoritzJT (from Daily Mobile Forum), "Nokia Fonts" show up in NetQin and you can remove them in there.)

Email Client Update v3.04(5)
Update from PixiEnablers v1.x, contains working "Mail, new Arrival" widget.
(This will break the "Msg. Reader" on the N8, install v3.41(20) to fix this)

Email Client Update v3.41(20)
Latest version of the Symbian Email Client.
(Install v3.04(5) first to get the "Mail, new Arrival" widget, then update with this version to fix the "Msg. Reader".)

Gallery v10.01(29)
Organizer v10.03(7)
Some other application updates...

Microsoft Apps
PixiEnablers are probably required, to use most of the functionality of MS Apps.

Microsoft Apps v2.01(5315) Full
Contains all content, this is the original installer.

Microsoft Apps v2.01(5315) Slim (Updated)
A slim installer without "MS Lync". Except for Lync all content is included.
(Update: "MS Shared" is now included, because it's required)

Microsoft Shared v2.01(5315)
Installer for "MS Shared" only, probably required for "MS Lync".

Microsoft Lync v2.01(5315)
Installer for "MS Lync" only, probably requires the slim package or "MS Shared".

FYI, except for the updated email client, I don't see any improvements with those updates!
All they do, is consuming a lot of space on your C:\ drive...

Most of the apps need connections to MS Servers, if you don't have your own server/a server provided by your employer, you can not use most of the applications. I do not recommend to install those updates (except for the email client), unless you really need them!


As you can see, I created many installers for you. You can now choose what you want and what not.
You may understand that I didn't had the time to test all of them, especially not in all possible combinations.

If you experience problems during the installation or while using the applications, let me know...


  1. Thank you for the customized MS Apps and the loudness decreasing tutorial. I will install & test both at the comming weekend.

    1. your welcome mate,
      let us know how its working for you

    2. To give a short summary:
      My goal was to use MS Apps, including OneNote online synchronisation. I figured out that every part of the original MS Apps has to be installed to make MS Apps fully work, except the lync package (MS Apps won't work without MS Shared).
      To simplify the procedure i suggest to install the original MS Apps Package and uninstall lync afterwards (if its unneeded).

    3. hi simonx,
      thanks for letting me know... i changed the description from:
      "This package probably requires "MS Shared"."
      "This package requires "MS Shared"." ;)

      if i have time, i will update the slim installer to include ms shared.
      (so only lync is seperatly available)

  2. Hei,

    the New Email Client 3.41.20 have the same install Problem with the other Version 3.04.5 !

    Can install only on Clean Device after Firmware Flash !

    Regards Chris 5800XM

    1. hi chris,
      you are almost correct... it works best right after flashing.
      but its still possible later on.

      if you have a 3rd party taskmanager, you can kill all services for messaging and email. so that the installation can run without any conflict.

      if it gets stuck, restaring and trying again (and again and again) may also work sometimes.
      but in that case its probably better to disable all sync settings, so the email services wont start up automaticvally after booting.

      but you are right, its a pain in the ass!

    2. Hei,

      keine Chance habe es jetzt 10 mal probiert die installation bleibt bei einem drittel stehen und auch nach 6 Stunden geht nichts weiter ärgerlich weil ich nicht schon wieder neu flashen möchte aber Danke für die Tipps !


    3. schade, für mich hats funktioniert...
      wenn du den msg. reader nicht brauchst merkst du sowieso keinen unterschied mit der neuen email client version.

    4. Hei,

      könnte eventuell auch an Tweaks oder dem Mif-patch liegen mir gehts mehr um TTS da der Carmode da immer Probleme macht !

      Hab mit Jbak alle Apps geschlossen und Prozesse für Mail beendet sind glaub ich 3 hierfür aber die installation bleibt bei ca 1 drittel stehen und geht nicht weiter im RP sind die Patches OP4all Crepsitory4all MixingRuleChangePath und LayoutSize aktiv !


    5. sorry, weiss nicht wie ich dir sonst noch helfen könnte...

      am mif patch liegts wohl kaum, da der nur die mif von z:\ auf c:\ mappt.
      bei tweaks kommst halt auf deine plugins draufan, wieviel du damit anrichten kannst. ich wills nicht ausschliessen, aber ich wüsste nicht welches plugin da probleme machen könnte.

      ich würde ja die patches im rompatcher alle mal ausschalten und dann alle dienste für email, sms und kontakte schliessen.
      versuchs so nochmal, aber wie gesagt, es ist eine mühsame angelegenheit...
      (hab auch schon gehört, dass es geholfen hat die mailboxen für die installation zu entfernen)

    6. Hei,

      ja das hab ich gemerkt das es mühsam ist :-), die Mailboxen hab ich vor der installation schon entfernt.
      Na ja mal sehen eventuell Flash ich demnächst die FW eh neu !


  3. What exactly is PixiEnablers? and Organiser?

    1. its part of the whole ms apps update.
      usually it gets installed before ms apps, it contains all kind of updates and apps...

      the updates for email, gallery and organizer is part of the whole pixienablers.

  4. I can not install new ver of mail on my N8 and E6 In both instalation stuck in half.. I leave both phones for over 1h Any solution?

    1. the german discussion above (with chris), was exactly about this issue...

      you can try to use 3rd party taskmanager to close all email/messaging related services and try to update. or remove your email account and then try again...

      its really annoying, i know.
      all i can say is, it works best on a clean phone (right after flashing)...

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