Monday, 16 July 2012

The One Reloaded v1.0.6 (internal)

Just a minor update for my 808 CFW...
Differences as always listed in the internal changelog.

If you prefer a version without preinstalled maps, take the seperate UDA from v1.0.5 (no changes in UDA from v1.0.5 to v1.0.6).


  1. how to flash my 808 please explane thank mobile product code 059P8D4

    1. hi raj,
      i answered your question on your previous comment.

      please check my answer there:

    2. i post it here again... afterall it belongs here anyway:

      hi raj,
      your product code does not matter at all, you can flash any 808 firmware to your device.

      i will put up a full "how to flash the 808" tutorial, as soon as i have time to write it...

      in the mean time you can use the current how to from my description.

      only differences are:
      -instead of "\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596" copy the firmware files to the RM-807 folder

      -different steps in phoenix itself
      2. go to "File" -> "Open Product" -> choose "RM-807"
      6. hit "Options" and the file list will open, remove the red file in the list ("RM-807_M005.07.emmc.fpsx")

      everything else is exactly the same as in the current tutorial!
      (contact me via email if you need further support)

      you need the latest phoenix from my tools section to flash the 808

    3. thank u bro i done thanks again

  2. am gonna flash my device again.tnks

  3. bro please rectify next time.
    again gallery option not solved.(no options in gallery like n8)
    when installing widgets like,clocks,maltimenu & more unable to install & compnent inbult error.
    very improtent we want more sound effect fm & musicplyer

    1. i think i answered this comment aready on daily mobile :)
      thanks for your feedback