Monday, 16 July 2012

I am looking for spare parts (N8)

*** Update ***
Problem solved

Three days after I gave away me Nokia N8, the new owner broke the main speaker...
So I am looking for some spare parts now.

Without that N8, this whole project and the blog itself would not exist.
So that device deserves a repair for sure :p

I already called the next Nokia Care Center, they told me I have to send it in to get a cost estimate.
They would charge me 55.- CHF, only to tell me what I already know... that my speaker is broken.
Additional 30.- CHF to get it back unrepaired... or from my experience 40-90.- CHF for the work, plus the cost of the spare parts.
For that kind of money I can get a new (second hand) N8!

So I though, if I already have a blog about Symbian (/Nokia N8), I ask you guys for help.

I only need a new speaker (the one on the back, not the small one for calls). So if anybody has a broken N8, some spare parts or doesn't need his N8 anymore, please send me an email.
Of course I would take care of the shipping price (and a fair amount for the parts (or N8) itself)!

Alternatively if you know where to buy single parts for the N8, please send me a link (via comment or email). My main problem is, that Switzerland is not part of the EU, so shipping costs are very high or the shops do not deliver to my address at all...

If anybody has a solution for my problem, please let me know.
You will find my email address at the bottom of my blog...

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    Versuch mal das, ich hoffe ich konnte dir helfen.
    Sorry ich kann leider kein gutes englisch