Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How to fix symbols for power menu button (after changing fonts)

My CFW has custom icons for power button menu included.
Not all fonts do support those icons and since the release of the official PixiEnablers (including Nokia Fonts), I get many requests about the "broken" icons.

In this tutorial I am going to show you different ways to fix them.

whats the problem?
I used modified (default) fonts for my latest CFW, to make the power button menu look better.

The picture on the left shows you how it is supposed to look like with the icon mod I applied.
On the right, you can see a screen shot of my CFW with changed fonts. The fonts that were used, do not support all symbols (all of them are broken, except for "restart", different fonts may have different/no symbol support).

Btw. thanks to Thorsten for the screen shot ;)

There are several ways to fix this problem, choose the way you prefer below...

remove power menu icons by flashing
The easy way is to remove the custom icons. If there are no additional icons, new fonts can't break them.

To remove the icons you need the following tools:
-my CFW files
-remove power menu button symbols.rar (Nokia N8 only)
-remove power menu button symbols for translations.rar (Nokia N8 only)
  -this package is optional in case you are using full translations by nekeule

Just open the ROFS2 from my CFW and insert the files from the package above. Save the changes to the ROFS2 and reflash your phone.

In case you are using full translations by nekeule, you need some additional files for your language from the second package.
Use the files for your language only (e.g. *.r03 for German, a full list of language codes is available here) and insert them in ROFS2 or directly into the ROFS3 by nekeule, it makes no difference.

If you are already running my latest CFW version, you can flash the firmware using "update" instead of "refurbish" in Phoenix. That way you should be able to keep your current apps, settings and personal data.
But I highly recommend to do a backup anyway, in case something goes wrong!!

alternative to flashing
Some of the files from my package should also work from C:\ drive .

To get rid of all icons without flashing you need additional tools like Tweaks,  Rompatcher and probably Sysap.exe on C:\ (which includes domainsrv.exe).

 -will work without a problem (its for "Restart" icon only)
 -can also be modified with Tweaks & Sysap-Plugin

  -only for profile names, profiles can be renamed in settings in my CFW

 -probably requires modded sysap.exe from c:\

I don't want to go into any more detail with this method. 
Some of the tools I mentioned above can harm your phone. If you are not careful with them, you end up reflashing anyway...

This is for experienced users only.

add symbol support to your font
This way is more complicated than reflashing, but its the only way you can have new fonts and the modified symbols.
There already is a tutorial about this on daily mobile, so rewriting it makes not much sense.
Here is the link for this solution:
[Tutorial] How to edit you fonts for Power Menu Symbols Mods

Of course you can bypass all those steps, if you are able to find your favourite font with the symbols already integrated ;)


  1. hi theone :)) i'm really glad that you chose my font editing tutorial :)) im using your N8 cfw since your first release... i also tried other cfw on DM but i end up flashing your CFW again in the end... i also did some changes for personal use only... congrats for your new working on my own n8 cw..hope you can help me if i have any problem regarding making my Own n8 cfw :)

    pls.add me on facebook heres my profile link :

    1. hi alfredo,
      glad you like my cfw and great work on that tutorial!
      (i am always too lazy to add screen shots, but it makes a huge difference... nice work mate;))

      just let me know if i can help you, you will find my contact details at the end of the blog.

      (btw. i almost never use facebook, i guess i am going to close the account soon. ('till now, i was just too lazy to do it, but i am going to do it someday... annoying stuff:) so just send me an email)

  2. To remove the icons from full translation worked for me by modding the rofs3 by nekeule only. No effect by copying the files in the rofs2 ("restart" lost its icon, maybe because its not translated). Might be helpful for other users.

    1. sure you can apply the files to your rofs3.
      files from rofs3 also go to z:\ so it doesn't make a difference...

      but if you only add the files for you language and not the english ones (eng can also be placed in rofs3), the icons will be back when you set the phone to english

  3. Good news:
    Symbols for power menu button don't get brocken after installing MS Apps in new cfw v5.1
    Really nice to have them again.