Sunday, 15 July 2012

The One Reloaded in progress

If you read my previous post, you know that I got the Nokia 808 last Friday.

The 808 was running fast and smooth on Friday without any network connection.
On Saturday, I got my micro SIM card... and the phone crashed a lot since its online.

I was planning to use the stock firmware for a while to see how the 808 is working out for me, before I start a new custom firmware project.

Because of my problems, I decided to reflash my device... since the original firmware for my product code is not available yet, I have to take another firmware.

I though if I have to flash another firmware anyway, I am going to do it my way and create a new CFW for the 808 to solve my problems.

My N8 is gone, I already gave it away... the 808 is now my primary phone and I need it to be working correctly.
That means I am working hard on a 808 CFW, you can expect a first internal version very soon.

It will be based on the latest Belle FP1 for the 808 (v112.020.0311).

The blog was already updated to prepare the first release of "The One Reloaded" CFW for the Nokia 808.


  1. Great to hear that your great software will be available in 808 too. I am still very happy with my N8 with your software in it. But in time I will probably buy 808 and then I can flash it with your great soft. :)


  2. in my 808 theone v1.3.0 cwf working without any problem super theone cwf thank u bro.and i used in rofs2 avkon2 indian flag battery and network signal colour ,some watches like mechanical, big along clock replaced its looking super and i used amazing sound mode (SoundImprovementV3.3)thanks all moders and the one working great thank u great work.

    1. great to hear, thanks for the feedback!

    2. any noticable difference with the soundimprovement mod?

      i know it makes a difference on the n8, but did not had time to test it on belle fp1 (nokia 808).
      i think the sound is already good on the 808... so i was not sure if its worth to mess with those files :)