Saturday, 28 July 2012

The One X7 v1.1.0

This CFW is based on the latest original Belle version for the Nokia X7.
It was created for my brother, thats why English & German is already integrated.
I am not planning to offer more languages. You will find a link to translations files by freaxs_are_us, that will help you to add additional languages.

You will find changelogs and downloads for this new version on my blog.

Maps & Store are not preinstalled, get the installers from my "tools" section.

This version comes with ~412MB free space on C:\ and ~140MB Ram at startup.


  1. Hey The_One!
    Its been a long time since the old N8 users had any updates...
    I recently stumbled upon this site where a new F/W is available for the N8... Could you be generous enough and spare a little time for another cfw? ;)

    1. v111.030.0610 is just a branded country variant for a spanish provider.

      no real differences.
      in fact, with the updates for qt, and other built in components, my v609 is newer than v610.

      except for the leaked cfw version by taylor there is nothing new available yet (for the n8)...

      in addition to that, i don't have my n8 anymore... so building a new cfw would be very hard, because i could not test it.

      (my brothers asked me for a x7-cfw, thats the only reason why i created this version. i got his x7 to create/test this cfw for a few days)

  2. Thats bad... :( guess belle pre fp1 phones will have have no more updates/support then... :(

  3. hi, n1 work but can i run the one 4.2 on my x7 too or just this version of the one ?

    1. Hi Steffen,

      no, you can only install cfw's that were created for your device!

      But "The One X7" was just created, don't get confused about the higher version number of the N8-CFW.

      "The One X7 v1.1.0" is on the same level as the N8-Variant v4.8.1!
      (The X7 is a different device and therefore another project, thats why i started with v1.x (like i did on the 808 cfw))